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In an ever-changing Business Environment, tremendous forces are impacting the world as we know it. Technology Disruptions, increased Customer Demand, increased Talent demands, shrinking margins have made the Business terrain unpredictable, uncertain and ambiguous. The past is no more a predictor of the future and organizations need to be agiler than ever before to Navigate the current Business Challenges.

Capstone understands these uncertainties and has developed Proprietary People Solutions to develop Leadership Talent for an ever-changing Business Environment.

Capstone People Consulting is a foremost Consulting Firm engaged in Managing Organizational Transformation through Leadership Development, Women Leadership, Technology Adoption and creating Talent Cultures of Diversity and Inclusion.

Capstone Partners with US Analytics Leader – Optimal Strategix, PeopleLENS Singapore, The 6Ds Company – the US and other cutting-edge Thought Leaders and pioneering Products and Services in the Talent and Change Management space. Capstone offers proprietary approaches and solutions to leading Multi-National and Indian companies and already has a great roster of clients.

Change Consulting through Cutting-Edge Leadership

24 Learning & Development Signature Programs

Managing Employee Experience to Lead the Workforce of One

Technology Integration, Change Management & Adoption

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Capstone Services

Leadership and Coaching Practice

At the Capstone organization, we believe Leadership Development Solutions must be contextually relevant, theoretically robust and philosophically integrated to become effective.

Each Solution is proprietary in that it has been indigenously developed through Thought Leadership, Insights developed through rigorous experience that integrates the rigor of Research. Each solution will invariably be further curated and customized using contemporary pedagogy and Learning that is efficient.

  • In VUCA Times, Companies must re-invent themselves else risk of being overtaken
  • What Leaders MUST do is create a Risk-Tolerant Environment and Deploy Systems and Processes to foster Innovation.
  • Innovation is no longer a Good-to has but a Strategic Priority! The need for innovation must come from the top (a Leadership KPI)

Indicative List of our Innovative Learning Offerings:

  1. Leading Diverse and Inclusive Teams
  2. Exponential Leadership
  3. Leadership and Managing Change
  4. Executive Presence for Leaders
  5. Building Exponential Mindset
  6. Leading Team Performance
  7. Leading for Performance
  8. Leader as a Storyteller
  9. Leave a Legacy-Leadership for Top Executives
  10. Building compounded strategies in a VUCA world
  11. Leading, Managing, Mentoring the Millennials
  12. Leading and Managing Talent-Talent Savvy Leadership
  13. Leader as a Mentor-Find the Guru within
  14. Transformational Leadership
Women Leadership and D&I

The Capstone Organization is committed to help organizations celebrate Diversity and create Cultures of Inclusion through its proprietary Women Leadership Development and D&I Solutions:

  • Leading Self for Women Executives
  • The Capstone Integrated 4-Part Women Leadership Program
  • Prepare Women Leaders for Boards

The Diversity and Inclusion Calendar includes:

  • The D&I Lab
  • The D&I Survey
  • The D&I Audit
  • The Gen Y Lab
  • The Millennial Audit
  • The D&I Action Planning Workouts
  • Driving Inclusion Quotient
  • Managing 4 Generations at Work

Backed by proprietary research and insights through the Women Leadership Forum of Asia Organization, Capstone D&I Offerings are contemporary and robust solutions to create societies of compassion at work.

Capstone University

Capstone University is a pioneering venture that seeks to support Client Organizations to drive Change by improving Performance through Learning. Capstone University’s Philosophy is based on “Learning that drives Business Results”. In this constantly volatile and changing business environment, one needs to act instantaneously. This requires an ability to make smarter, more informed decisions which is exactly where Capstone University can add value to your Organizations through its Innovative Learning Solutions.

Capstone University’s 24 Signature Offerings are Designed to influence both Skills set and Mindset of Junior, Middle, Mid-Senior Level professionals. These are Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive!

Unique Features of Capstone University

  • New Age, Contemporary, Relevant Content
  • The 24 Signature Programs are based on Life Skills, Business Skills, and Collaboration Skills
  • Our Signature Offerings are – Differentiated, Razor-Sharp, and Insight-Focused That Inspire Performance
  • Can be Customized as per the Learning needs of the Organization and is Inclusive of Functional Training

How does Capstone University Work?

  • By getting Clients to Outsource their Learning to us or Insource our Key Account Manager/s to the Client
  • By playing the Aggregator of Training needs across Organizations by managing open Calendars

Access Our Team of Expert Facilitators having extensive Business Knowledge and compliance know-how and trained in using Blended learning methodologies. Book our World Class Signature Programs for In-House delivery of your Calendar Programs or Outsource your Calendar to us to curate as per your needs.

Capstone Techsmart

Capstone Techsmart is a new age Technology Adoption and Change Management Company and is committed to helping Clients put Technology work through its proprietary approaches to enable –

  • Project Management
  • Technical Integration
  • Change Management
  • Technology Adoption

Capstone Techsmart has a team of skilled and Certified Consultants who have the experience of successful HR technology implementation across geographies.

Capstone Techsmart Adoption Strategy:

  • Communication
  • Influencing
  • Training
  • Keeping the momentum


Techsmart offers tried and tested approach for deploying HCM Modules for adoption.

We engage in a 360-degree approach to ensure all avenues, platforms in touch points for Learning Transfer and Communication have been considered leading to successful adoption. This is executed with the right participants at each stage of project implementation to ensure adoption.

WAVE 1: Train the Trainer Program for Key Project stakeholders, Team Members, Project Leaders responsible for implementing the suite.

WAVE 2: Training For Administrators/ Super Administrators/ Report Cell/ Technical Support Personnel/ Help Desk.

WAVE 3: Training For Leaders, Process Reference Cards, Leadership Anchors Training

WAVE 4: User Training for Large Groups of Audience includes Live Demos, Practice Sessions, Quizzes, Videos.

Capstone Talentsmart

Talentsmart is the first holistic tool for managing ‘Employee Experience’ by helping organizations lead the ‘Workforce of One’. It works to provide insights on the Employer Value Propositions that actually ‘Land’ with your Talent.

Talentsmart is new age, edgy- uses the principles of CRM / KYC and applies Customer approaches to Talent.

Capstone Talentsmart Partners with OSG and QuestionPro.

Capstone Talentsmart Powered by OSG

Our offerings help organizations in-

  • Identifying and addressing talent expectations
  • Reducing churn through continuous innovation at the workplace
  • Growing new leaders by building better engagement
  • Preparing talent for innovative experiences and opportunities
  • Aligning talent to improve customer experience and CLV

Capstone Talentsmart Powered by QuestionPro

QuestionPro Workforce offers Full Stack Employee Feedback-

  • Pulse
  • 360 Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Ideaboard

Capstone People Consulting is the Exclusive Consulting Partner of QuestionPro in India and offers the following Consulting around QuestionPro surveys:

  • Define/ Design of Survey Questionnaires
  • Using Pulse Surveys for Employee Engagement and Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching and creation of Individual Development Plans
  • Leadership Development
  • Managing ‘Employee Experience
Capstone InnovLearn

Leadership Lessons from Jazz Music-

The twenty-first-century work demands focusing on Teams rather than Individuals hence, encouraging ongoing Learning and Innovation takes center stage. Jazz bands offer a provocative model to consider as we get Teams to deliver in a VUCA world! The model of Jazz musicians improvising collectively offers a clear and powerful example of how people and teams can coordinate, be productive and create amazing innovations.

Leadership Lessons from Jazz introduces a new model for leading & collaborating- the Art of leading Effectively and simultaneously being open to being Lead at different stages of the decision-making process. This workshop describes how People Managers like skilled Jazz Players need to master the art of experimenting proactively and accept the Principals of Jazz Music and synthesis into a Performance. It can inspire Teams to develop critical Skills of Trust, Camaraderie, and Collaboration. Engaging and Insightful, this workshop is about the joys of being a Team Leader and Cheer Leader against the soulful backdrop of Jazz Music.

Theatre for Learning and Reflections in association with Leogirl Productions-

Theatre is clearly an under-utilized medium for driving change. The platform to enact varied situations and the interplay through dialogue and relatable characters. Theatre is a powerful medium to present layered issues, especially in the area of:

  • Gender Diversity
  • Generational Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Life post retirement
  • Marriage and Careers
  • Women Empowerment and Leadership

Drama has the power to help audiences engage with issues deeply and personally, producing thought for reflection.

Learning for Business Outcomes - 6D Approach

The seminal 6Ds approach which is brought to India for the first time by Capstone People Consulting.

Capstone provides Learning Solutions that Drive Business Impact. All Capstone Interventions and Consulting offerings are designed, delivered and deployed for Learning Transfer in accordance with the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning.

All Capstone offerings are designed in accordance with the Principles documented in the ‘6 Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning’ which is considered to be the Gold Standard for measuring Learning Effectiveness across the Globe.

The 6Ds approach enables Learning Transfer for Business Results and is a service that can be provided at marginal additional costs.

Be a Certified Talent Economist

At Capstone People Consulting we have partnered with PeopleLens, Singapore to offer the Certified Talent Economist Program.

Based on the bestselling book – Talent Economics described as a game-changing perspective on Talent Management, this program focuses on attaining mastery of the Analysis Frameworks and Talent Management tools designed specifically for a21st Century workforce.

The Talent Economist program is designed to help participants both HR and Business Leaders, enhance their Strategic orientation and impact by providing them specific tools and techniques needed for Talent Strategy Formulation and Execution.

This 3 days program is a worthwhile investment as it involves classroom work, prescribed reading before the program and application after the program including Talent Diagnostic and Strategy Formulation.

The program has further application as an in-house intervention, the objective of which is to build stronger Talent Mind-sets and help build TalentSavvy Cultures through the journey of stellar insights this program is designed to offer.

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Dr. Sujaya Banerjee

Dr. Sujaya Banerjee

Founder & CEO

Dr. Banerjee has over 26+ years of experience in Leading Change through People in Organizations like British Gas, Essar Group, Godrej and Lowe Lintas and Partners. She has been on the Boards of AGC Networks and The Mobile Store.

In her current avatar as CEO of Capstone, she coaches CEOs and prominent Board Members and advises Companies on conducting Boards effectively. Dr. Banerjee has been the recipient of several Awards and Accolades through her career the most prestigious being – The Contribution to the HR Community Award from the Malaysian Government and the HR Director Award as part of the HR Brilliance Awards, UK. Sujaya is a foremost Leadership Speaker/ Coach and has been featured on the Leadership Development Channel, US and Biz Punditz – a digital Library of Indian Thought Leaders.

Dr. Banerjee is a strong believer in Business with Purpose and is the Founder of the Learning and Organisation Development Roundtable – a Forum of over 10,000 HR, Learning and OD Professionals that engages in Capability Development of Practitioners to build Learning Organisations. She is also the Founder of the Women Leadership Forum of Asia – a Forum to empower and build capabilities for Women Leaders, the Co-Founder of The Leadership Review – a Youtube Channel and Publication committed to changing the paradigm of Leadership in South Asia. She mentors LeoGirl Productions – a start-up that promotes Theatre for Reflection and Societal Change.

Dr. Banerjee is also the author of ‘Switch – How 12 Indian Company Managed Change Successfully’ – the recipient of the Indian Publisher’s Award for Best Management Book.

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R. Sukumar

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Andrew Jefferson

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